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February 16, 2019
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April 12, 2020

Monobob sled St. Moritz

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Highlights for your Monobob Run in St. Moritz


Let Gregor Stähli, the 3-time world champion, introduce you to the secrets of the bobsled sport.


Highly exclusive, with only 300 starting slots per year. You won't find anything comparable anywhere in the world.


Highspeed, with over 100 Km/h in the legendary Olympic bobsled run in St.Moritz


Hearty food specialities in an Engadine mountain hut.

St.Moritz Einzelbob Cupli
StMoritz Einzelbob Jubel

Legendary Olympic Bob Run in St.Moritz

This unique event immerses you in the historical bobsled sport, which has its origins in this mystical and polarizing place. You won't find anything comparable anywhere in the world. A select few people have the opportunity to ride down the legendary Olympic bobsled track in St.Moritz alone without any previous knowledge or training.

The starting slots are extremely limited, which makes this event so unique and exclusive.
Enjoy two unforgettable days in St.Moritz with many impressions around the bobsled sport. Let yourself be enchanted and taken away to a place that holds many stories and always creates new ones. With Gregor Stähli by your side, you are in good company, as the former professional athlete knows this bobsled run like the back of his hand.

Whether as a team event, as an incentive for your top employees or as a thank you for the loyalty of your customers, what remains is the certainty that all your guests will remember this event for the rest of their lives.