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July 24, 2018
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MiG 31 Russia

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The highlights for your MiG adventure in Russia


Stratosphere Flight

Moskau Stadt

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Mig31 Kremlin bei Nacht
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Flug mit der MiG-31

Get ready for take off! As soon as the pilot pushes the launch button and activates the afterburners, the MiG 31 will dart across the tarmac like a bullet and you will be pushed into your seat. Once airborne the jet will chase across Russian skies and through the stratosphere at supersonic speed.

At the edge of space you will be able to enjoy a truly unique and breathtaking view: Below you the blue sky, above you the endless universe and at this altitude you can clearly see the earth's curvature on the horizon. On top of that, the pilot will fly aerobatic maneuvers in which he will pull up to 7G and you will be pushed to the limits of physical capacity.
In the midst of the Russian sky you will experience an adventure of a lifetime! Back on the ground, you will have the opportunity to experience Mother Russia in all her glory. The history of the world's biggest country is rich and there are various sights and landmarks worth exploring.

Whether you want to look behind the scenes and meet the cast of the world-renowned Bolshoi Theatre, or get exclusive access to the Kremlin in Moscow; Exclusive Adventure will enable you to tick off items on your bucket list. Of course it is also possible to just explore the versatility the city of Moscow has to offer.

This and much more can be expected from this unforgettable trip.