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July 24, 2018
Abenteuer Marokko
July 24, 2018

Canoe Expedition Canada

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Canoe Expedition Canada Highlights


11-day canoe expedition on the Churchill River


Introduction to canoeing with "Canadians"


Survival skills for living in nature


Fishing license, introduction to the art of fishing


Canadian Wilderness

For ten days you will be surrounded by secluded forests, see wild wolves and bears and spend nights in the midst of Canada's diverse nature. Far away from civilization, you will enjoy an unforgettable experience while also challenging yourself physically.

Upon arrival at our starting point, your canoe adventure will start immediately. After a night in the hotel, in the midst of the idyllic Newfoundland countryside, you will prepare yourself for your canoeing expedition. You will of course be briefed accordingly and take part in various exercises and training sessions in the nearby river.

With all the necessary equipment in your packed gear, you'll be pushing into the water. The mostly fast-flowing water with occasional rapids ensures constant variety and rapid forward movement. For ten days you will spend three to five hours a day in the canoe.

Always accompanied by our professional outdoor experts, you will spend the majority of the nights in large tents that offer appropriate comfort (camp beds and sleeping bags). Our qualified safety experts will ensure that this trip is safe from beginning to end, both on land and in the water through a sophisticated risk assessment and seamless organization. Thanks to years of experience on various terrain and the first-class equipment of our guides, you won’t have to fear wild animals and can relax after an exhausting day.