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July 24, 2018
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July 24, 2018

Explore Switzerland

Highlights for Your Grand Tour


Personal round trip through Switzerland


Carefree package


Spectacular and unique landscapes, villages and landmarks


Get to know Swiss culture, history and traditions

Panorama Alpenkette

Experience Switzerland in a different way!

Have you ever wondered how much of Switzerland you have already seen? Which places are still to be discovered?

Get to know Switzerland anew with us. We will take you to places far off the beaten track of mass tourism. Our "Grand Tour" is a package individually tailored to your needs.

We guarantee an unbelievable variety of possibilities and make it possible for you to take a trip that will surely remain in your memory.
Contact us and let us plan, structure and organize your personal route together.

When planning an event, we focus on reliability, speed, creativity and maximum security. We always remain behind the scenes and ensure that everything runs smoothly and everything is planned down to the last detail.

You should be able to enjoy your trip and gain many new impressions without any concerns; we will take care of the rest.

Here are some unforgettable impressions from past tours