Tour with Gerry Hofstetter
September 8, 2018
Bonding Event
February 16, 2019

Explore Nothern Sweden

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Highlights for Your Northern Sweden Experience


4 unforgettable days in Northern Sweden


Winter Wonderland, explore the snow-covered countryside of Northern Sweden


Various activities such as a snowmobile tour or dog sledding are on the program.


An absolute highlight are the northern lights, as long as mother nature plays along

Schweden Lapland Natur
Lapland Feuer

Heja Sverige

Experience Europe's last wilderness where the natives of the Sami people used to live and where nature, with its most spectacular lightshow, continues to excite people. A place full of wild rivers, small lakes and an endless landscape, where villages and towns are far away. Completely new worlds of experience open up here, far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

We take you on a natural spectacle from start to finish. Various activities, such as snowmobile tours, dog sledding or ice fishing as well as numerous others await you
Of course the world-famous ICEHOTEL, where you eat off ice plates, drink from ice glasses and spend the night at -5 C on ice beds in a hotel made of ice and snow, is not to be missed. On top of that, the most spectacular and certainly most luxurious tree houses in the world are also part of the program.

Immerse yourself in the Scandinavian culture with its diversity and be enchanted by the winter wonderland.

Here are some unforgettable impressions of Northern Sweden - more precisely, of Swedish Lapland!