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The Management

With years of experience in travelling and managing events for various levels of requirements, we have an event agency for you in Switzerland that can translate your event dreams into reality.

Our core focus not only remains to provide services but facing challenges is something we love to deal with. Not something this is we love because it is a negative aspect, it helps us in simplifying solutions for everyone similar to AI learning. Our company name Exclusive Adventure translates the idea of our services being exclusive and rendered at all levels.

Roman Bader, the founder of Exclusive Adventure, with an active background in Special forces, contributes to an exceptional experience of outdoor events to their customers. Coupled with Roger Büschlens lead role players as Managing Director of the company and his unique insight into the corporate and finance sector, it is inevitable that you would come across an out of the world outdoor and indoor event in your lifetime.

What we want people to realize is that what makes any moment adventurous is your self. If you indulge your thoughts in anything that captures everything else, you are not going to make it to the goal of the adventure. Here’s what our event agency plays the role smoothing out that unwanted instant in your special moments.

Life is an adventure for those who have the willingness to make every dream a reality. As simple as that, we stand by you strengthening your desire and making things perfect in detail.
From gourmet, corporate, family events to tour events such as one with Gerry Hofstetter, our team stands out in being exclusive in providing a full-service range of events in Switzerland. Our team has enabled people to Explore Switzerland, find out the adventure of heliskiing the prominent tops around the world. Canada, Kyrgyzstan has been a wonderful experience for our team and partners in adventure. This could be you in our next journey to one of the places not everyone dares to unleash.

In all domains, we remain close to our identity – one who makes it exclusive. Corporate events with Roger Büschlen's extensive expertise get a chance to be a memorable lifetime for your corporate community. We pay high tribute to the culture and virtue of anyone around the world. Swiss culture wonderfully demonstrated in our two-day event awaits you to portray the perfect picture in your thoughts about Switzerland for your whole life.

Not just an event agency, in our events with you, we are your partner, your friend and sometimes the one who lead you to the road of seamless adventure. Explore our blogs to view the picture of how we make it happen every time. Follow your dreams, take one step ahead to stand out with a vision that brings you the state of satisfaction.

We help companies of all sizes as well as private individuals to organize the most incredible events, adventures, incentives or family trips.

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