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A full-service event agency in Switzerland delivering experience and not just events. With Exclusive Adventure AG every moment of your event is adventurous.

Life is all about events and who does not desire to make each of them special. While your efforts are there to make the best for your partners, a reliable event planner can become effectively valuable in doing so.

Exclusive Adventure AG is recognized as one of the event agency in Switzerland that has been making every effort for the event it handles to make it special for everyone!

With us, corporate events and family celebrations are innovative and often groundbreaking for your dear ones. We realize the fact that an event agency is bound to make everything special.

What’s special about us?
We organize epic and engaging events. Our collaboration with industry leaders of every service that your event needs make us ‘Exclusive’ delivering you Exclusive Adventure of any event. Being amongst pioneers of an event agency in Switzerland, we believe in focusing on culture and community interests that develop customer’s trust in our agency.

Organize, Engage and Manage
We have organized events that aimed at bringing engagement in their corporate sector and driving positive reflection to their customers of industrial reputation. Around the world, multinational companies look for a full-service event organizer that has experience at every level.
Not only this helps in organizing exceptional events, but also in growing the business and attracting people’s interest in your service for the future.

A memorable experience is all you and your clients need.

Your dear ones need you in Family celebrations
Exclusive Adventure AG feels the need of being together when it comes to family time. Your dear ones need your exclusive time so you can enjoy and celebrate. With our organization team together, we take all your worries about the organization and let you truly make the event memorable. Be it your kid’s first birthday, anniversary or any once in a lifetime event, we take care of the event planning distinctively at every instant. So, every moment of your family celebration event is emotionally supercharged!

We Organize Experience, not events!
It's not all about the happenings, Exclusive Adventure organizes experience for your community partners. Integrating our team skills of excellent communication, immersive digital technology, and time management, we deal with every moment of your event to drive it smooth and dynamically. Event planners do it exceptionally well when they are subjectively part of your event.

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