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Tour with Gerry Hofstetter

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Highlights for your Private Tour with Gerry Hofstetter


Get to know the world-famous Swiss light artist Gerry Hofstetter in person.


Experience a piece of Swiss alpine history and visit one of over 80 maintained SAC huts.


Private light spectacle in front of a unique mountain backdrop


Work in a team, make optimal use of the participants' skills, take care of each other and create something unforgettable together.

Tour 3: Britanniahütte Saas Fee 7 - 8 Juni

Huts in the Alpine Glow

This experience offers you interesting and exciting days in the beautiful Swiss mountains. Along with the world-famous Swiss light artist Gerry Hofstetter and his team, you will learn what teamwork means and how to reach your goal together.

Once you arrive at the Leoneck Swiss Hotel in Zurich, an atmosphere of "creativity" awaits you. Be inspired by Gerry's artistic adventure pictures for the upcoming event. The whole hotel is dedicated to the theme of Alpine Glow Huts and you start your event at this magical location in the middle of the vibrant city of Zurich.
Together with the professionals you will ascend to a SAC hut or a mountain hotel of your choice, prepare the light spectacle for the evening hand in hand and after successful work you can enjoy the unique lighting and atmosphere which you have made possible.

Learn to work in a team, to use the individual abilities of the participants optimally, take care of each other and to create something unforgettable together.

This is how a Tour with Gerry Hofstetter with Exlucise Adventure looks like!