Bonding Event
February 16, 2019

Gourmet Event Schweiz

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Highlights for your Gourmet and Culture Event in Switzerland


Flight with the largest single-engined double-decker in the world


Make your own cheese


Overnight stay in a castle rich with history


A journey through time and culture at special places in and around the castle


Swiss Culture, Virtues and Contemporary History

Get to know and discover the Swiss with their diversity during two days. The first highlight is the flight with the Antonov AN-2, the world's largest single-engine double-decker, the adventure starts in the Zurich area with the destination airfield Ecuvillens near Fribourg. During a leisurely flight at not too high altitudes, you as a passenger will have plenty of time to enjoy the landscapes.

Once there, various culinary highlights are waiting for your. In a small cheese factory, the traditional Swiss craft is discovered and taught.
Experience the myths and refinements surrounding the true Swiss gold. Make your own cheese and experience first-hand what it takes to make this Swiss specialty.

After the work is done, you have earned a short breather in a historic castle. In the evening, a very special dinner is on the program which is guaranteed to remain in your memories. A journey through time and culture with different highlights at very special places around the castle are selected for this event.

Let yourself be enchanted and spoiled by this culinary and cultural food spectacle of a very special kind. hnen

Highlights for your Gourmet and Culture Event in Switzerland