Meet Santa
July 24, 2018
Rally on Ice
July 24, 2018

An Event for the Whole Family, No Matter if Big or Small


An unforgettable outdoor event with your whole family

Outdoor Büffet

Culinary Outdoor Meals


Wide range of activities to choose from

Familien Tisch Outdoor

Large outdoor lounge as a meeting zone

Family Day 5
Family Day 2
Blopp StarEvent
Family Day 6

Outdoor event with your loved ones

The best memories are made on carefree days in the company of your loved ones, outside in nature. Especially when a cozy lounge serves as a starting point for various activities and everyone can choose their three to four favorites.

Depending on your wishes, you can choose between 8 and 30 different stations.
This may be parachuting for some, archery for others or the art of dredging and gravel transport for others. Everyone will be thrilled - be it in the cozy outdoor lounge or during a delicious meal in the open air.

The time in the great outdoors, the time spent together and the interesting activities make this event unforgettable.